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Parker-Bennett-Curry Elementary News

Parker-Bennett-Curry Principal Selection Committee Establishes Tentative Timeline

The Parker-Bennett-Curry Principal Selection Committee met on Tuesday, May 3, to begin the process of selecting the school’s next leader and to establish a tentative timeline.

April Students-of-the-Month Recognized

PBC recognized the April students-of-the-month on Monday, May 2.  Congratulations go to Juana D., William H., Alaya G., MaKarius H., Will T., Aisha A., Samira Z., George K., Julia W., Darlene G., Kevin S., Marie K., Noah M., Dardah A., Elianna M., Kayden C., Betania G., Trevy B., Abriano G., Ahadi E., Blessing K., David S.(2), Veronica J., Antavion S., Pantaleona A., Zander M., Elija H., Tamiah W., Tatienna R., Zech C., Lloyd H., Casandra G., Warsan M., Alex M., and Kyrin C.  They will get a pizza party to celebrate at the end of the month.

Jedi defeat Darth Vader in K-PREP War!

Jedi knights, otherwise known as the PBC teachers, took on Darth Vader in a K-PREP battle.  The knights have trained and trained the junior knights to take on Darth Vader and score a victory showing him that PBC students will be victorious in their efforts to earn top scores.

School Computer Lab Hours Extended

School computer labs are open afternoons and evenings for Bowling Green students wishing to complete school work or projects. Students may visit any school lab (not only their home school) and log in using a student username and password. The District's Acceptable Use Policy applies. Primary students must be accompanied by an adult.

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