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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your Discipline Policy?

            My approach to discipline is through a positive classroom environment and proactive classroom management.  The idea is to make sure the children know what is expected of them at all times during the school day. We will practice these expectations thoroughly and reward positive behavior while holding children accountable for making choices that do no fit the expectations.

            All of the expectation, routines, procedure, and rules will be practiced during the first few weeks of school. These expectations will be the same in all classes throughout the duration of the school year.

            To monitor behavior we will be using the website www.classdojo.com. This tool makes it interactive and fun for the students while being efficient and informational for the parents. During the second week of school you will receive an activation code for the website. Once you go on the website and put in the activation code you will be able to see how your child’s behavior is at school, both positive and negative, in real time. You will also receive an email at the end of each week with your child’s Dojo report.

            I will give students positive Dojos if I catch them displaying the 7 Habits throughout the day and negative Dojos (nojos) for making choices that do not follow our school and classroom rules.


Consequences: 1 Nojo= Warning

                 2 Nojos = Student walks the red top for 5 minutes during bonus recess

                 3 Nojos = Sitting at the quiet table during lunch


             If a child receives 3 Nojos in one day, they are not allowed to be on that months school A-Team. If a child receives 3 Nojos in one day, two times in a month, a note will be sent home. If a child 3 Nojos consecutively for 3-4 days, (or 3 times in a month) that child will be referred to the principal for further reinforcement and parents will be contacted. 


Positive Dojos: Positive Dojos will be given when I see a student displaying one of the 7 Habits or when a student has received a Nojo and I see the working diligently to correct their bad choices. For every two Dojos a student receives they will get a sticker for the reward chart. After the children have receive 10 reward stickers they will get the choice of reading to another class, eating lunch in the classroom and watching cartoons on a Friday, or being a  TA (teacher’s assistant) for the day.



Rewards: At the end of each week we will have reward time before going home. The children who have zero Nojos for the week will get a sticker for the reward chart and a prize from the treasure chest. Children that have received 1 Nojo all week will only get a sticker but no treat.










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