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ENG III Sept. 2015

M 8/31
Check WS 20
Identifying Nouns Quiz
Review identifying nouns with Interwrite slide 1-3
Common/Proper nouns--see LN p. 6
Nouns PPT slide 7-10
Do Nouns Practice 3
Do Nouns Practice 4
HW: Complete ws 30, 31, & 25; be ready for common/proper noun quiz on Tuesday.

T 9/1
Check ws 30, 31, & 25
Common/Proper noun quiz
Go over Identifying Noun quiz
Nouns PPT
Possessive Nouns Read LN p. 7 & 242-43
Possessive Noun video
Interwrite p. 8-9
Nouns PPT Slide 12-21
Do WS 43, 44, 45, & 27

W 9/2
WN--Is your reading level accruate for you?  Why?  Why not?
Get Proper Noun Quiz back
Re-take proper noun quiz if you want to
Possessive Noun video
Check ws 43, 33, 45, & 27

Posessive Noun Quiz
Discuss singular, plural, and collective Noun use with correct verbs
Do ws 105, 113, 114, 115, 106, & 107

TH 9/3
Check ws 105, 113, 114, 115, 106, & 107
Subject/verb agreement quiz

What are nouns of direct address?
Read LN 226
Do ws 29  Make 3 sentences using a noun of direct address at the beginning of the sentence.
Make 3 sentences using a noun of direct address in the middle of the sentence.
Make 3 sentences using a noun of direct address at the end of the sentence.
What is your 1st independent reading assignment?

F 9/4
WN--Writer's Choice
Check ws 29
Check made up sentences
Quiz over nouns of dircet address
What are appositives?
Do LN p. 53-54, 66-67, 70, 75, 228, 353, & 596
Do ws 31, 32 & 48

M 9/7
Labor Day--No School!!

T 9/8
Give students copies of the Native American Independent Reading Assignment
Remind students to go to a computer to use the Destiny Quest "Q" to find books, write down call #s, then ask for help to locate
Give students a copy of the "Pre-Reading" page
Go to the library, use "Q", find & check out books, & complete the pre-reading handout.
All students must have a book & the Pre-Reading page turned in no later than 9/8 or a book will be assigned to you
HW: Make sure you have an IRA book & begin reading

W 9/9
WN--Getting My Permit/License
4th period 8 WN + 2 EC Due Today

Divide IRA books into sections & label which sections are due when
Discuss the 3 parts of each Reading Journal
Get copies of Split Journal to begin taking notes on 1st section of book as you read
How do you create a split journal?  See Sample Split Journal
Do a split journal together over "College Board"
"College Board" Split Journal Example
HW:  Read IRA book & work on split Journal & Cornell Notes

TH 9/10
Continue reading 1st section of your book & taking notes on Cornell Note Taker
Review how to take notes on Cornell Note Taker
Review how to take notes on Split Journal
Review how to Complete a Reading Journal (1 Sprlit Journal + 1 Chart + 1 Essential Question)
How to Create and answer an essential question.
What is an Essential Question? & Example EQs
Sample Reading Journal (3 Pages)
Practice writing your own Essential Quesion
HW: Read 1st Secton of IRA

F 9/11
WN--9/11 14 years later
Study Island--didn't work as planned
Prepare IRA #1 Due Monday when you come to class.
Ms. Swiney & Mrs. O'Rourke here Monday.

M 9/14
WN--What I learned from Swiney/O'Rourke
IRA Section 1 Due today, turn in.
HW: Read & do IRA Section 2 Due 9/21

T 9/15
Did you turn in IRA #1 yesterday?
What is a summary?
How do you summarize?
When do you need to use summaries?
Why should you use summaries?
What are the characteristics of a good summary?
How long should a summary be?
Steps to Summarizing
Good Examples & Bad Examples of Summaries
How does this apply to what we've been studying?
Ms. Nunley's PPT
HW:  Read & take notes on IRA Section #2.

W 9/16
WN--Stuff my parents or _____ say all the time (6th period 14 WN +2 Extra Credit due 9/23)
"Lighthouse" ACT Reading Test--complete and turn in today

TH 9/17
What is the creative project?  When due?  How graded?
Plan your presentation & draw for presentation order
Logon to Study Island.  Complete Lesson for today and submit  (Chromebook B)  
HW:  IRA #2 Due Monday 9/21

F 9/18
WN--What people would be surprised to know about me. . .
Finish study island assignment & make sure you have the score you want for your 50 point grade
IRA #2 Due 9/21
IRA #3 Due 9/28
Creative Proeject Due 9/30

M 9/21
WN--Little kids in my life
Turn in IRA #2
Subject/verb agreement
Review Nouns PPT
Do LN 131, Read LN 132-133, Do LN 134A
In Packet, do 105, 113, & 106
HW:  IRA #3 Due 9/28
Creative Project Due 9/29

T 9/22
Check LN 131, Ln 134A, Packet 105, 113, & 116
Do Worksheet 107, 114, 115
Review for test
Nouns Unit
Nouns Terms
Nouns PPT
Possessive Noun video

W 9/23
WN--If I could do anything I wanted over fall break, I would. . .
(6th period 14 WN Due + 2 Extra Credit 70 pts.)
Nouns Test (100 points)
Work on IRA #3

TH 9/24
ACT Practice Test in Arena
6th period Work on IRA #3 & Creative Project

F 9/25
WN--Writer's Choice
ILP AssignmentHow to do ILP
Work on ILP
Login to ILP and click on "view details"
Click on "schools that interest me" review & revise & save
Click on "career & life goals" review, revise & save
Click on "career cluster" review, revise, & save
Click on "Post-secondary Goals" review: "career", "education" & "financial", revise, & save
Click on "Career Planning Activities" Use this area to record any volunteer work or job shadowing, clubs, etc.  you have done. save
Login to ILP and click on "view details"
Click on "Organizations and Activities" Add any sports, organizations, etc. for the past 4 years. save
Click on "Community Service" Add any volunteer work you've done for the past 4 years. Save.
Click on "Course of Study" review, revise & save
Click on "Learning Services" review, revise & save
Click on "Explore Financial Aid" and locate at least 2 scholarships for you.
Get to 80% or 100% completion
HW: IRA #3 Due Mon. & Creative Project Due Tues.

M 9/28
WN--How my hairstyles have changed over the years
Turn in IRA #3
Complete ILP Assignment
HW: Creative Project Due Tues.

T 9/29
IRA Creative Project Presentations (We'll draw for presentation order)
If your presentation is not ready TODAY, you will be required to write an in-class essay instead

W 9/30
WN--Fall Break Plans
Finish IRA Creative Project Presentations (We'll draw for presenation order)

Fall Break Oct. 1-11




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