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Classroom Policies, Grading and Homework

*All items are subject to change! Students and parents will be notified of changes! 

Quarter grades will consist of the following:

Tests & quizzes

Dreambox Assignments (New computer program)

Participation Grades (Random homework & class assignments)

Classroom Expectations (adapted from Ron Clark's Essential 55):

1. Make eye contact with the person talking to you. Keep eye contact until the conversation is over.

2. If someone wins a game or does something well, congratulate that person by clapping.

3. If you win or do something well, do not brag. If you lose, do not show anger.

4. If you are asked a question in conversation you should ask a question in return.

5. When you cough, sneeze, or burp turn your head away from others and say "excuse me".

6.Disrespect with gestures (smacking lips or rolling eyes, is not allowed. 

7. Always say thank you when I give you something. If you do not say it within 3 seconds I will take it back! 

8.Surprise others by performing random acts of kindness. Go out of your way once a month to do something kind and generous for someone else. 

9.Throughout the year I will give rewards. If you ask for a reward it will not be given. 

10. Homework will be turned in each day by everyone with no exceptions. 

11. You will make every effort to be as organized as possible. 

12. When there is a substitute you will follow the same rules as when I am with you. 

13.When I assign homework there will be no moaning or complaining. If there is I will double the assignment. 

14. We will follow the Whole-Brain protocols. 

    Raise your hand to speak, raise your hand to leave your seat, follow directions quickly, make smart choices, make your teachers happy.

15. You may bring a sports bottle of water and leave it on your desk. You may not get water while I am teaching a lesson (unless there is a medical reason). You can food at your desk as long as others dont' see it and I don't hear you eat it. 

16. Learn the names of other teachers/adults in the building and call them by name when greeting them. 

17. Flush the toliet and wash your hands when using the restroom. 

18. When we have visitors come to our class, two students will go to the front office, welcome them by shaking their hand, and if it's their first time in our school, take them on a small tour of the building before bringing them to our class. 

19. Do not save seats in the lunchroom. We are a family and we must treat one another with respect and kindness. 

20. If another adult in the building is speaking to or disciplining a student, do not look at them.

21. After we eat we will clean up after yourself.

22. When riding the bus you will face forward. You will not turn around to talk to other students. You will not stick things out the window and when exiting the bus you will thank the bus drive and tell him/her to have a good day. 

23. If you approach a door and someone is following you, hold the door for them. 

24. If someone bumps into, even if it's not your fault, say excuse me. 

25. Never cut in line. 

26. If there is someone in the school bothering you, tell me or someone you are comfortable telling. 

27. Be positive and enjoy life. 

28. Accept that you are going to make mistakes. Learn from them and move on. 

29. Always be honest. 

30. Be the best person you can be. 

31. Do not take things that are not yours without permission. 





Missed work- Students will be responsible to collect work they missed when absent. Students will have ? days to make up missed work.

Morning Math-

Personal Devices- Students will not need and will not be allowed to bring personal devices to my math class.

Students may bring water bottles to my class as long as they are SPORTS bottles filled with only water. Students will not be allowed to refill them during class. They must refill them during assigned hallway breaks. Students will be allowed to eat in class, however, I must not be able to see the food and it must not be a distraction.





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