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ENG III Nov. '14 Assignments

Monday, November 3, 2014
WN--When I'm old enough to vote. . .
Practice ACT Reading Test "Lighthouse" (35 min or less)

T 11/4
NO School
Election Day!

W 11/5
WN--Rainy Days (5th Period 13 WN Due)
Who Were the Puritans?  Read Lit book 132-136
Answer Questions & turn in today

TH 11/6
Complete Plymouth Plantation Words to Know & Lit. Vocab & turn in today

F 11/7
WN--BGHS Soccer to State
How did you do on the ACT practice test from 11/3?
Benchmark for ACT Reading is 20
Below 20 means remedial classes in college
When should you take the ACT?

M 11/10
WN--BGHS Soccer Wins State!!!
Read & Discuss Historical Background p. 66-68; 70-71
Discuss Plymouth Plantation Words to Know & Lit. Vocab 
Discuss "The Mayflower Compact" 

T 11/11
Read "Of Plymouth Plantation"p. 81-90 in textbook or IR 3-14
Complete HN Notes Page & turn in
HW: Review vocabulary for test next week

W 11/12
WN--What would it take for you to leave your family & everything behind to go to another country?
Discuss Historical Narrative assignment
HW: Review vocabulary for test next week

TH 11/13
Read & Do H.N. B in class (Select 1)
     a. "La Relacion" p. 72-76 & Biography on p. 80 & complete HN Notes Page
     b.  "Olaudah Equiano" p. 93-97 & Biography on p. 99 & complete HN Notes Page

Read & Do Historical Narrative Part C (Select 1)
     a.  "Marco Polo"  p. 77 
& complete HN Notes Page 
     b.  "Women & Children"  p. 91-92 & complete HN Notes Page 
HW: Review vocabulary for test next week

F 11/14
WN--Places I'd like to go
Read & Do Historical Narrative Part D
     a.  "Blue Highways" p. 100-106 & Biography on p. 108 
& complete HN Notes Page
     b.  "My Sojourn" p. 109-115 & Biography on p. 117 & complete HN Notes Page
Turn in HN Notes pages

M 11/17
WN--Listen. . .Imagine. . .Write (Colonial Music)
Review Historical Narratives & vocabulary

T 11/18
Historical Narratives Test

W 11/19
WN--WN--Should a place of worship be plain or fancy? Why?
New England Primer
Discuss Who were the Puritans? Read p. 132-136 & answer questions on handout

TH 11/20
Read & Do"Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God"  or alternate online text here
Textbook p. 152-160 & answer questions on "Sinners" handout & ws 11 & 13
Listen to "Sinners" sermon on YouTube

F 11/21
WN--WN--What do you fear?  How do you deal w/your fears?
Discuss "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God" & Who were the Puritans
"Sinners" quiz
Last of the Mohicans background

M 11/24

Background on James Fenimore Cooper & Leatherstocking Tales
Take notes on "Leatherstocking" and "Noble Savage" characteristics

"The Leatherstocking"

a. k. a. Hawkeye, Natty Bumppo, The Scout, La Longue Carabine, The Deerslayer, The Pathfinder


a. k. a. "The Great Serpent," Le Gros Serpent, Indian John--a hereditary chief of the Mohegan or Mohican Indians who is also identified with the related Delaware Tribe



Prototype of heroic cowboy or scout in western novels and movies. Resourcefulness and gimmicks prefigure Batman, etc.
Lawrence: "a saint with a gun"--cf. Clint Eastwood, John Wayne, Kevin Costner
--archetypal American hero combining: violence & innocence or honor
(cowboys as American knights)
Prototype of the American Indian as "Noble Savage": silent, inscrutable, honest, deadly, poetic in speech

Later examples: Indians in Dances with Wolves; "Go in peace, my son!"

Get The Last of the Mohicians Cinema Study Guide
Watch The Last of the Mohicians and work on study guide

T 11/25
Watch The Last of the Mohicians and work on study guide

W 11/26
No School--Thanksgiving Break

TH 11/27
No School--Thanksgiving Break

F 11/28
No School--Thanksgiving Break


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