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ENG III Aug. '14 Assignments

Wednesday, August 6, 2014
Are you in the right class?
What can you expect from the class?
What are the rules?
What supplies do you need?
Who else is in the class?
Rules PowerPoint
ENG III Syllabus  (put into your ENG binder to refer to throughout the year)
Info Cards      (turn in today)
Parent Letter  (sign & bring back)
Write a letter introducing yourself.  Handwrite it or type it.  Put it in the turn-in tray, or upload it to my website. (due when you come into class tomorrow) 
Activities if time:
Hand Activity
BGHS Top 10
Starburst Activity
Homework:  Have signed:
Parent Contact Info
Write introduction letter

TH 8/7
Bell Ringer--personality inventory "Respect"
Turn in parent contact info,  & letter to teacher
Quiz over syllabus 
Where I'm From Power Point
Where I'm From Fill In Blank (optional)
Assignment Handout
Take pictures of students & Make animoto video
HW: Where from Brainstorming, Where From Rough Draft, bring any photos or images you need.
Composition book needed Wednesday 8/13

F 8/8
Share Animoto videos 
Prepositional Phrases & Apositive Phrases
LN CH 2 p. 49-55 Lesson 1 & 2
GUM p. 34-39  Lesson 1 &2
See links & more grammar help here

HW:  Where From Poem Draft Due M
Composition book needed 8/13
Grammar work Due 8/14
Quiz over Grammar work 8/15

M 8/11
Peer Edit "Where I'm From" Poem
Use the Chrome Books--login with student e-mail
Username:   first.last@stu.bgreen.kyschools.us
Password:  000000jm (your magic 6 numbers you normally use for your password+1st & last initial)
Use a web-based program to make your project.

google.com--go to Google drive & create a presentation--much like powerpoint
Upload to My website or share via google docs w/janet.martin@bgreen.kyschools.us
HW: Be ready to finish Where I'm From Presentation & "share" with me, upload it to my webpage, or e-mail it to me.  Have it ready to present on Tuesday--also make sure you have all supplies for this class  Bring Cookies for class tomorrow.

Composition book due W
Grammar work due TH

T 8/12
"Where I'm From Presentations"
Cookies for class
Preview Writer's Notebooks
HW: Have composition book with you tomorrow or $1 to buy one

Grammar work due TH

W 8/13
Decorate composition books
HW:  Writer's Notebooks due Mon. 8/18 decorated
Grammar work due tomorrow

TH 8/14
School Photos--Come ready to smile!
Prepositional & Appositive Phrases
Check CH 2 p. 49-55 & GUM p. 34-39
HW: Study for quiz

F 8/15
WN--Writing Habits 
Quiz over LN CH 2 Lesson 1 & 2
Verbals: Participial Phrases & Gerund Phrases
Do LN CH 2 Lesson 3 & 4

M 8/18
WN--My junior year
Tape & turn in WN
Grade Goals--complete & turn in
ACT Warmup

T 8/19
ACT Practice "Music"
45 min for 75 questions

W 8/20
How did you do on the ACT practice?
What is your RAW score?  How would that translate to a class score?
What do you think it would be as an ACT score 0-36?

Get a copy of the test
Get your gradesheet
Look at your RAW score (score printed on the scantron) to determine your SCALE score (ACT score)

Is your score at benchmark or above?
What ACT score does WKU require? 
WKU Admissions 
What ACT score does UK require?  Typically 22 or higher
Is your Scale score a 29 or higher?

Did you Score a 17 or Lower?
How much will a score below benchmark cost you?
Get a copy of the "Music  ACT Practice Test Worksheet"
Mark which answers you missed--what patterns do you see?
Look back at the test questions on your copy of the test--do you see what you missed and why?
Get a copy of the "Music" test explinations--Now do you see why you missed what you missed?
What is 1 type of problem you could study & improve your ACT score by at least 1-2 points?
What did you learn today that you didn't already know?

TH 8/21
Check CH 2 Lesson 3 & 4
Student College Survey

F 8/22
WN--Writer's Choice
Quiz over CH 2 Lesson 3 & 4
Do CH 2 Lesson 5 & 6
HW: CH 2 Lesson 5 & 6 Due TH

M 8/25
WN--My weekend
How do students take notes in college?
Read "The Student Athlete" article & discuss
How do you create a split journal?  See Sample Split Journal
Do a split journal together over "The Student Athlete"
"The Student Athlete" Split Journal Example
Independently complete a split journal over "Add Spice to Your Life With Activities"
HW: Complete split journal over "Add Spice to Your Life With Activities" ready to turn in 1st thing when we meet again.

T 8/26
What is the WKU/BGHS CEPT?
Who is will be in our classroom this year from CEPT?
CEPT student introduction

Go over homework
How do college students take notes?
Review split journal
Introduce Cause/Effect chart
Read "Start Smart" article
Take notes using Cause/Effect Chart
HW: complete Cause/Effect Chart using "Saving Money" article

W 8/27
WN--0 Per 3 WN Due (15 pts)
What I like to read, where, when, with what?
Review Cause/Effect Chart & homework
Introduce "Super 6" Note Style
Class reads "Headstart in College"
How to use headings to take notes
complete "Super 6"
Independently read "Here to There" and complete "Super 6"
How to use "Q" to find books in the library.
Overview Native American IRA Assignment
HW: finish "Super 6" over "Student Loan" article

TH 8/28
Check CH 2 Lesson 5 & 6

F 8/29
WN--Writer's Choice
LN Chapter 2 test (100 points)
Do CH 3 Lessons 1, 2, & 3
Discuss NA IRA--students begin to look for books.  Must have book by 9/8.


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