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AR Reading Requirement

Accelerated Reader Requirement and Project Choices

Due by 8th week of each grading quarter


During each grading quarter, students will be required to read at least three Accelerated Reader (AR) books and score at least 80% proficiency on each. Students will then choose one of the following projects to present on one of their selected books. You must do a different project each grading quarter. All projects will be presented in class during the eighth week of the grading period. This will be counted as a major reading grade.


Book Bag Talk- select at least six items to retell your story. These items must represent the following story elements: one representing the setting of the story, two items representing the characters, two items representing the plot and one item representing the conflict of the story. Decorate a bag or choose a “creative bag”; it must have on it the title, author and an illustration about the story. Use index cards and write a short paragraph about each object and what story element it represents and why.


Design a Scrapbook- use magazines, pictures, photographs and other illustrations to create a scrapbook that the main character of your book might keep to have documented the story.


The Disappearing Chapter- write a chapter that might have appeared in the book but did not. You may write it for the beginning, middle or end.


TimeLine- make a timeline showing the events in the story. Using a posterboard or butcher paper, write a summary of each chapter. Write a description of the major events on the timeline. Be creative in how your present it.


Paper Doll Characters- make life-size paper doll characters. Make the body outline on butcher paper. The paper doll character should be the appropriate height and drawn in dress suitable to the story. Describe the character and how that character relates to the story.


File-folder Review- Write a review of the book, then staple or glue the review on the inside of a file folder. On the front and back of the folder, draw a picture depicting favorite scenes from the book.


Movie Poster- Pretend the book has been made into a movie and you must design a movie poster to advertise the upcoming movie. Using posterboard, make a large movie poster showing the characters involved in some kind of action from the book. Use any color medium- marking pens, crayons or paint. Don’t forget to list the credits, actors who are playing characters in the book and the producer, director and writer. Use your imaginations you cast the various parts for the movie. Use well-known actors or classmates for the roles.


Book Box Diarama-using a shoebox or other box, create a favorite or important scene of the book. You may use all sorts of materials to bring the scene to life. Diarama must include title and author on it.


Character Trading Cards-create a trading card for each of the main characters of the story (minimum of 3). Use unlined index cards. On one side of the card, tell about the character- name, age, family members, role in the book. Include important details about the character’s personality. On the other side of the card create an illustration of the character.


New Book Cover- design a new book cover for your book that shows both the main character and an important event from the story. Be sure to include the book’s title and the author’s name on the cover, too. Just like a real bookcover, artwork, title and author needs to cover the page.

Digital Project- create a podcast, use digital storytelling, or use another other form of technology to retell your story. Include important details about the book, characters and recommendation about the book. Be creative in sharing about your book!!

Glogster, Aimoto, Photostory, Prezi are a few ideas.


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