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ENG IV October Assignments

Oct 3-13
No School--Fall Break!!


M 10/14

WN--My Fall Break--How many new WN do we have right now?
What is your 1st Quarter Grade?
Grade Goals
Get Graded papers back
Revise & Return Cover Letter & Resume due no later than tomorrow--You MUST turn in old & new, not just new to receive a new grade
2nd Math Lab/6th Netbooks
HW: Essay Brainstorming

T 10/15
personal essay.doc  discuss
What is an essay?
Read Language Network p. 386-393
Describe an experience in your life that helped shape the person you've become.
Take notes over what the assignment is & details about the assignment
How long? How organized? How written? Key details you need to include
Discuss assignment using "The College Essay" ppt
Individually, use your Brainstorming page to complete the "Essay Planning Page"
HW: Complete "Essay Planning Page"

W 10/16
WN--My political views  6th period 11 WN turned in today
In a group, read sample essays & discuss using "College Essay Group" work
Discuss as a class using the Class Discussion Questions
In your group, discuss what you wrote on your "Essay Planning Page" for homework
Individually, complete "Essay Outline Page" before you come to class on tomorrow.
(If needed, use the Thesis Planning and Thesis Statement before you do outline

TH 10/17
Go over outlines in groups
    Is the thesis clear?
    Is everything on the outline written in complete sentences?
    Do the main points clearly support the thesis?
    Do the supporting details clearly support the main points?
    Does the order of ideas make sense?
What is an introduction and how do you write one?  Read Language Network p. 304-305
Use the handout "Experimenting with your Hook" to write a hook and your introductory 
    paragraph which includes your thesis and sets the tone for the rest of the paper.    
HW:  Finish the 1st draft of your essay handwritten or typed.  Have it with you when you
come to class next.

F 10/18
WN--Writer's Choice
Bring a complete draft of your essay on paper--introduction, body, and conclusion
Peer review essay drafts & make revisions
Give your essay a title
Focus on your body & conclusion  Read Language Network p. 305-313
Do "Topic Thesis Quiz"  (We didn't get to this)
Make revisions  
Lab time? 2nd ENG Lab/6th Math Lab
Format for formal papers:
Name, Date, Period in upper right hand corner
Title centered at the top of the page below Name, etc.
Title & all other lines double spaced
Times New Roman size 12 font
HW: Begin typing paper

M 10/21
WN--Fall fashions
Pointers for Editing your own papers:

  • Read from the last sentence forward.
  • Have others read it.

In ENG Lab, type papers, save them, and turn them in by sharing them with me using GOOGLE today.
See Personal Essay Scoring guide

T 10/22
Use chromebooks to research Anglo-Saxon lifestyle and create a collaborated presentation using Google Drive
1.  Login to Google
2.  Click on Google Drive
3.  Click on "Shared with Me"
4.  Cick on Anglo-Saxon Technology

If needed, click on this link to get the directions:
Anglo-Saxon Online Archeology Technology Assignment
Absent today?  Do this--Anglo-Saxon Online Archeology
(Didn't do)Turn in before you leave today

W 10/23
2nd Per WN Due
WN--What I know about how the English Language developed
If you don't know, make it up.  (2nd Period 11 WN Due--55 points)
Get textbook
Do Words to Know (see p. 34-60 or YELLOW section in back of book)
Do Lit. Vocab Chart (see RED section in back of the book; a few of these aren't in the book & you'll get in class)
HW:  Do Anglo-Saxon period questions p. 18-21

TH 10/24
What Characteristics Describe the Ideal Hero?--(turn into wordle)Discuss Anglo-Saxon Online Archeology
Share Anglo-Saxon Google Presentation Created on Tues.
2nd Period             6th Period
Anglo-Saxon Post Test

Wordle: 2nd Period's Heroic ideal


Wordle: 6th period Heroic qualities


F 10/25

WN--Listen...imagine...write  Medieval Music
Living Language video & Handout (11 min)
Turn in Words to Know & Lit. Lit. Vocab Chart & Anglo-Saxon period questions
Check Words to know & Lit. terms Check Anglo-Saxon period questions
Tribal Legacy video & handout (7 min)

M 10/28
WN--What scares me    More Medieval Music
Finish videos:
Living Language video & Handout (11 min)
Tribal Legacy video & handout (7 min)
Look at Beowulf PPT--& discuss 1st few slides
Christian vs. pagan
Epic poetry Characteristics Read p. 28-29
Get I.R. read & do p. 3-11
HW:  Finish IR 3-11

T 10/29
What is a kenning?  in pairs complete Kennings pages
clip-kenning mini lesson
Which Anglo-Saxon word does this video clip exemplify?
Beowulf PPT for Princess Bride
Check answers to IR 3-11
Read & Do IR 12-20 in class
HW: Finish IR 12-20

W 10/30
Quiz over IR 12-20
Grendel Music Archive
Alliteration--Do. p. 33 in I.R. packet
What does Old English sound like? Old English Poetry Audio
Look at "Unlocking the Word-Hoard" page--what does Old English Look like?
locate familiar words & underline, alliteration & circle, caesura & star, kennings & box
Wergild  video clip

caesura mini lesson
Read & Do IR 20-34

Sheild Sheafson's Burial
13th Warrior Ship clip

13th Warrior Clip Meade hallEpic poem & alliteration mini lesson
Discuss Beowulf
Beowulf in Hypertext
HW: Finish all work in IR 3-34

TH 10/31
Check IR 3-34
Read. p. 45-51 in textbook & answer questions.
Talk about boasts. Find examples in story
Beowulf Boast assignment
Boast Example1, Example 2, and Example 3
HW: Begin writing boast & read P. 52-60 in text

F 11/1
WN--Writer's Choice
Quiz over 52-60
Lit Term Review using "clickers"
Discuss p. 52-60
Review Beo. make sure all classes have seen all clips
weirguild, commitatus, etc.
HW:  Boast due Wed.



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