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October Assignments

10/3 to 10/13
No School!!!  Fall Break!!!

M 10/14


WN--My Fall Break--How many ungraded WN do we have now?

What is your 1st Quarter Grade?
2nd Quarter Grade Goals
Discuss N.A. Lit. Test
N.A. Post Test Discussion Page
What can you do to improve answers?

Get Graded papers back
Read "Teaching. . .Diversity of American Indian" article
Answer "Diversity of American Indians Article" questions

T 10/15
ACT Practice
Discuss Article Questions from yesterday.
Read & Discuss Historical Background p. 66-68; 70-71
Textbooks assigned
Define Plymouth Lit. Terms & Words to Know
HW: Read "The Mayflower Compact" & answer the questions on your own paper.

W 10/16
Discuss Lit terms & Words to Know
Discuss "Mayflower"
HW: "Of Plymouth Plantation"p. 81-90 in textbook or IR 3-14

TH 10/17
Check/duscuss p. 81-88 in textbook or IR p. 3-14  (possible quiz)
Introduce new Independent Reading Assignment

F 10/18
WN--What would it take for you to leave your family and everything behind to go to another country?
Go to library to select new IRA book
Complete & turn in your Pre-Reading page--
Must have book & Pre-Reading page turned in today or Monday or a book will be assigned to you.

M 10/21
WN--Places I've been or would like to go to
Turn in Pre-Reading page if you haven't already
Divide your IRA book into 3 sections
No book?  1 will be assigned to you
Discuss Historical Narrative assignment
HN Notes over "Plymouth Plantation"
HW: IRA Section 1 due TH

T 10/22
Read & Do H.N. B in class (Select 1)
     a. "La Relacion" p. 72-76 & Biography on p. 80 & complete HN Notes Page
     b.  "Olaudah Equiano" p. 93-97 & Biography on p. 99 & complete HN Notes Page

Read & Do Historical Narrative Part C (Select 1)
     a.  "Marco Polo"  p. 77 
& complete HN Notes Page 
     b.  "Women & Children"  p. 91-92 & complete HN Notes Page 
HW: IRA section 1 due TH

W 10/23
WN--Listen. . .Imagine. . .Write (Colonial Music)
Read & Do Historical Narrative Part D
     a.  "Blue Highways" p. 100-106 & Biography on p. 108 
& complete HN Notes Page
     b.  "My Sojourn" p. 109-115 & Biography on p. 117 & complete HN Notes Page
Notes about Fiction/Non-Fiction, autobio, primary/secondary source over HN Reading
Students select 2 pieces to focus on
Re-read pieces & take notes on "Comparison Essay Planning" Pages 1-3
HW: Section 1 of your IRA due tomorrow

TH 10/24
Turn in IRA Section 1
Complete"Comparison Essay Planning" Pages 1-3
Share answers in groups to "Comparison Essay Planning"
Read Essay Prompt & quick write your response
Circle important words in the prompt
Read textbook p. 64 & discuss comparison essays
Discuss & take notes over Historical Essay PPT slides 1-11
HW: IRA Section 2

F 10/25
WN--Are people basically good or basically evil?
Complete "Thesis Planning" Paper: write it out & talk it out
How to Develop a Thesis
Develop a thesis for your paper
HW: Make sure you have a clear thesis statement

Establish 3 main points
HW: IRA Section 2

M 10/28
WN--What I wear in cooler weather 
Review thesis statements
Discuss how to organize a comparison essay
Select an organization strategy and develop an outline
Develop your sentence outline using "Essay Outline" page
HW: IRA Section 2 Due TH

T 10/29
Use "Experimenting With Your Hook" page to write your introductiory paragraph: grab audience attention, present a clear thesis statement, identify both works by title and author using correct punctuation, identify the genre, succinctly state the meaning of each of the works.
Share outlines & introductory paragraphs & revise
Discuss how to use support from text.
Complete draft of paper
HW: IRA Section 2 Due TH

W 10/30
WN--Halloween (3rd Period WN Due)
Handwrite or type draft of paper
HW: IRA Section 2 Due TH

TH 10/31
Turn in IRA Section 2
Peer review paper draft
Make revisions to paper
HW: handwrite or type revised paper & turn in when you come to class.

F 11/1
WN--Writer's Choice
Turn in final draft of paper w/all supporting papers
Watch "Masque" video & decorate masks (we didn't do this)
HW: IRA Section 3

M 11/4
WN--WN--Should a place of worship be plain or fancy? Why?
New England Primer
Who were the Puritans? Read p. 132-136 & answer questions on handout
IRA Section 3 Due TH

T 11/5
Who were the Puritans? Read p. 132-136 & answer questions on handout
Turn in work before you leave today
HW:  IRA Section 3 Due TH

W 11/6
WN--What do you fear?  How do you deal w/your fears?
3rd & 4th periods
Read & Do
"Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God"  or alternate online text here
IR 16-23
Textbook p. 152-160 & answer questions on "Sinners" handout
Listen to "Sinners" sermon on YouTube

5th period Discuss "Sinners" handout
IRA section 3 Due TH

TH 11/7
Turn in IRA Section 3
ACT "Homecoming" passage done in 9 minutes--go over answers and discuss
Discuss "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God" & Who were the Puritans
"Sinners" quiz
IRA Creative Project due Tues.

F 11/8
WN--Writer's Choice
Read Anne Bradstreet Poems p. 138-143
Answer "Bradstreet Poem Questions"
Read & Compare Bradstreet Poems
IRA Creative Project due Tues.



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