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Learned from the Christmas Parade, these are common cadences if anyone is interested in knowing it.

Tiny bubbles 
Tiny bubbles 
In my beer 
Makes me happy 
And full of cheer 

Tiny bubbles 
In my wine 
Makes me happy 
All the time


Count Cadence
Count cadence
Delay cadence
Skip cadence

(one) All you soldiers
(two) You better do your best
(three) Before you find yourself
(four) In the leaning rest

(one) Hit it
(two) Kick it
(three) Stab it
(four) Kill it

One, two, three, four, one, two, three, four

Down by the river 
Down by the river
I took a little walk
Ran into the enemy
We had a little talk

I didn't like their attitude
Didn't like the way they walked

So I pushed em
I shoved em
I threw em in the river
laughed as they drowned

We don't need the enemy
Hangin, hangin, hangin around

Heyyyy, don't be a fool
Somebody said we we number two
We're number one



Noooo, not number five
Not number four number three, number two
We'er number one


They Say That in the Army
They say that in the Army, the chicken's mighty fine
One jumped off the table and started marking time

Oh Lord I wanna go
But they won't let me go home (stomp)

They say that in the Army, the coffee's mighty fine
It looks like muddy water, and tastes like turpentine

They say that in the Army, the biscuits are mighty fine
One rolled off the table and killed a friend of mine

They say that in the Army, the meat is mighty fine
Last night we had ten puppies, this morning only nine

They say that in the Army, the shoes are mighty fine
You ask for size eleven, they give you size nine

They say that in the Army, the pancakes are mighty fine
You can try to chew them, but you're only wasting time

They say that in the Army, the bed's are mighty fine
But how the hell would I know, I've never slept in mine

They say the in the Army, the mail is so great
Today I got a letter dates 1948

They say that in the Army, the hours are just right
Start early in the morning and work on through the night

They say that in the Army, the buses are mighty fine
One went round the corner, and left three wheels behind

They say that in the Army, the coffee's mighty fine
It's good for cuts and bruises and tastes like iodine

They say that in the Army, the toilets are mighty fine
You flush them up at seven, they come back up at nine

They say that in the army, the tents are waterproof
You wake up in the morning and you're floating on the roof


Get on Back Home
Sat me in that barber's chair
Spun me around, I had no hair

Used to drive a Cadillac
Now I pack it on my back

Dress it right and cover down
Forty inches all around

Nine to the front and six to the rear
That's the way we do it here

Used to date a beauty queen
Now I date my M-16

Ain't no use in lookin' down
Ain't no discharge on the ground

Ain't no use in going back
Jody's got your cadillac

Ain't no use in calling home
Jody's got your girl and gone

Ain't no use in feeling blue
Jody's got your sister too

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