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Questions for Command Inspection


1) What are the five basic colors on a map?
Black, Blue, Brown, Red and Green.
1a) What does each color stand for?
Black= man made objects, Blue= water, Brown= elevation, Red= major roads and highway, and Green= vegetation.
2) What are the three north's on a map?
Magnetic north,True north, and Grid north.
2a) Tell what each symbol is.
Magnetic North= Compass north, True North= north pole, and Grid North= north on a map.
3) How do you read grid coordinates?

Right and Up.
4) Where do you look on a map to find symbols?
Legend or Key.
5) How many degrees are in a circle?
6) What are five basic land features?
Hill, Ridge, Valley, Depression, and Saddle.



First Aid



1) What is first aid?
Giving help before qualified medical people arrive.
2) What are the three ways to stop bleeding?
Pressure Point, Direct Pressure, Tourniquet.
3) What are the two types of fractures?
Open and Closed.
4) When would you use a tourniquet?
As a last resort.
5) Who is authorized to remove a tourniquet?
6) What are the four life saving steps?
Start Breathing, Stop Bleeding, Prevent Shock, Protect the wound.
7) What are the three types of burns?
First, Second and Third degree.
7a) Which burn is most severe?
Third degree.



Drill & Ceremonies

1) What foot do you always step off with?
2) What are the two parts to a command?
Preparatory & Command of Execution.
3) To face a person to the rear while marching the command would be?
Rear March.
4) What distance should your arms swing while marching?
9 inches to the Front, 6 inches to the Rear.
5) What are the four rest position?
At Ease, Rest, Parade Rest, Stand At Ease.
6) On rear march which way do you turn?
7) When you do a column movement who do you follow?
Squad Leader.






1) What is the most important thing to remember on a range?
2) If an unsafe act is committed while firing, what do you say?
Cease Fire.
3) When you first receive a weapon what should you do?
Clear It.
4) What are the three firing positions?
Prone, Kneeling, Standing.
5) Which of the three positions is the most accurate?
6) Where should you keep the weapon pointed at all times?
Down Range.





Chain of Command
1) Who is the Commander in Chief of all military?
President Barack Obama.
2) Who is the Secretary of Defense?
The Honorable Mr. Gates.
3) Who is the Secretary of the Army?
The Honorable Mr. McHugh.
4) Who is the Cadet Battalion Commander?
5) Who is the Cadet Battalion Command Sergeant Major?
Who is the Cadet Battalion:
S-1 C/2nd Lt. Johnson
S-2 C/ Major Marlow
S-3 C/ CPT. Spencer

S-4 C/2nd Lt. Oswlad
S-5 C/MAJOR  Miller

6) Who is YOUR Company Commander?
7) Who is YOUR Platoon Leader?
8) Who is YOUR First Sergeant?
9) Who is YOUR Squad Leader?
10) Who is the Cadet Command Commander?
11) Who is the Director of JROTC?
COLONEL Vanderbleek
12) Who is the Seventh Brigade Commander?
13) Who is the SAI of JROTC?
MAJOR Henson.
14) Who is the AI of JROTC?





Military Courtesy
1) What are the three types of American military flags?
Post, Storm, Garrison.
2) Who wrote the Star Spangled Banner?
Francis Scott Key.
3) The American flag will be flown at half staff during a time of?
During a time of Mourning.
4) The mission of the JROTC program is to?
To Motivate Young People To Be Better Citizens.



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