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What's New in 7th Grade Band?

What’s New in 7th Grade Band?
  •      Higher Level of Musicianship
  •     Higher Expectations for Behavior and Practice Ethic
Playing Tests
  •     Recorded Independently
You may record your weekly playing tests:
·        At Home (Bring the tape to school to be graded)
·        At School-during band class in a practice room
·        During Morning Practice Time (one on one with teacher)
Seating Assignments/Challenges
  •    We will utilize one of your playing tests to seat your section.
  •      Once we do seating, you may choose to challenge someone that is sitting higher than you.
·        Challenges occur on Fridays, but not every Friday. If someone wants to challenge you and you decline, you automatically forfeit your chair.
·        Everyone will have one week to prepare for the challenge. Challenge assignments are given by the band director at the end of class.
·        The challenge will be “blind” and the class will vote for the winner; however, the band directors have final say in the outcome of the challenge.
All-District Band (optional)
  •      All-District Band auditions occur in November, but you will need to start practicing as soon as the audition music is copied.
  •      All-District Band occurs in the first week in January at WKU. This is a great opportunity to meet other students playing your instrument amongst the whole district! You will have a top-notch director that has been chosen to direct the 7th/8th grade band, and it will be an unforgettable experience!
Solo & Ensemble Festival (optional)
  •      Preparation for Solo & Ensemble Festival begins in January. If you choose to participate in a solo and/or an ensemble, there is a fee due in January. ($5/Solo, $8/Ensemble)
  •      Once you pay your fee, we will select a piece of music for you to prepare. You may practice at home or in the mornings before school.
  •      At Solo & Ensemble Festival, you will play your prepared piece for a judge and receive a rating of Distinguished, Proficient, Apprentice, or Novice. If you receive a Distinguished rating, a medal will be presented to you at the school on Awards Day!
Concert Band Festival (Everyone participates)
  •     Concert Band Festival occurs in April at Van Meter Auditorium on WKU’s campus.
  •      The 7th grade band will prepare two pieces of music to perform for the judges and we will receive a rating of Distinguished, Proficient, Apprentice, or Novice as a group.
  •     We will also sight-read in front of a judge for a similar rating.
  •    This will be on a school day and we will be transported by bus.
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