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ENG IV Sept. 2016

Thursday, September 1, 2016
Get textbook
Do Anglo-Saxon period questions p. 18-21

F 9/2
Get textbook
Do Anglo-Saxon period questions p. 18-21

M 9/5

T 9/6
Check over answers to Anglo-Saxon period questions p. 18-21
Anglo-Saxon Period Question presentation
What is an epic?
What are characteristics of epics?
*Male hero
*Hero reflects ideals of his society
*Hero is corageous or even superhuman
*Hero's actions determine the fate of his people
*Vast setting
*Formal diction and serious tone
*Long, formal speeches by characters
*Complicated plot with supernatural elements
*Reflects timeless values & universal themes
Key Terms: kenning, alliteration, scops, paganism
Read & discuss p. 28-29
Read Textbook p. 30-35 & Answer Beowulf p. 30-35 Questions

W 9/7
WN--My favorite heroes
Beowulf Old English Manuscript
Beowulf in Hypertext
What does Old English sound like? Old English Poetry Audio
Look at "Unlocking the Word-Hoard" page--what does Old English Look Like?
locate familiar words & underline, alliteration & circle, caesura & star, kennings & box
Wergild  video clip
Discuss Textbook p. 30-35 & p. 30-35 Questions #1-16

TH 9/8
What is a kenning?
Do Kennings & Wily Words Handout
Read Textbook p. 36-39

F 9/9
WN--Brag about your looks, what you do, who you are
Answer Beowulf p. 36-39 Questions #17-24.
Beowulf Boast assignment
Boast Example1Example 2, and Example 3

M 9/12
Read Textbook p. 40-45
Answer Beowulf p 40-45 Questions #25-33.

T 9/13
Read Beowulf 45-51
Answer questions #34-44

W 9/14
Read 52-60
Answer questions 45-55
Turn in Beowulf Questions

TH 9/15
Beowulf Boast Due
Anglo-Saxon Food Extra Credit Due
Review for Beowulf Test

F 9/16
Beowulf Test today
Complete technology assignment.
Register for Membean or Get vocabulary packet

M 9/19

T 9/20

W 9/21

TH 9/22

F 9/23

M 9/26

T 9/27

W 9/28

TH 9/29

F 9/30

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