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Anne Padilla To Join Kentucky Teacher Hall of Fame

Anne Padilla To Join Kentucky Teacher Hall of Fame
Faculty and staff of Bowling Green High School gathered on Thursday morning, November 15, to recognize and congratulate the newest inductee to the Louie B. Nunn Kentucky Teacher Hall of Fame, Ms. Anne Padilla. Padilla, a teacher at BGHS since 1985 will be officially inducted as part of the 6th Hall of Fame Class on Tuesday, February 26, 2013 in the Capitol Rotunda in Frankfort, Ky.
Principal Gary Fields told employees that since graduating from Hunter College, Anne has been teaching young people how to be better writers, critical readers, and how to be better people. He said the best way to sum up what Anne has meant to Bowling Green High School was to share words of 2012 graduates Austin Lyons, Megan Taing, John Vogler, Dana Reynolds, and David Wesley:
  • She is blunt and critical but offers help and solutions.
  • She commands respect and treats her students as intelligent, logical adults, but isn’t afraid to let out her inner child from time to time.
  • In her own unique style, she makes us grade our own essays and then justify our grades before she will reveal our actual grades.
  • She has never given a 100% on an essay, because she doesn’t believe in a perfect piece of writing.
  • She constantly emphasizes that she is “kind and merciful”.
  • We can’t possibly complain about our writing assignments when Mrs. Padilla individually grades 70 plus essays for each assignment.
  • She openly asks students to critique her reading guides, noting weak questions…she even asked us which books should be taught in her class next year and which ones should be retired.
  • She is never afraid to admit she is wrong.
  • She allows us to qualify or defend our test answers, even on multiple choice tests, in order to give us a chance to provide her with a new perspective of the work.
  • We learned countless lessons through our hard work and Mrs. Padilla’s harder work.
  • She tells us that “I teach on a year-to-year basis…I keep thinking that the next year will be my last…but it’s you guys that keep me coming back.”
Commonwealth Attorney Chris Cohron also joined BGHS in congratulating Ms. Padilla and shared stories of his experience as one of her first students at Bowling Green High School. He recalled her strict classroom management and creative methods of motivating students, but said that no other educator had made more an impact in his life than Ms. Padilla.
Bowling Green High School and all of Bowling Green City Schools congratulate Ms. Anne Padilla, Louie B. Nunn Kentucky Teacher Hall of Fame, Class of 2013.
According to the program website, the Kentucky Teacher Hall of Fame was established in 2000 through a gift from former governor, Louie B. Nunn. The purpose is to recognize excellent work of teachers in classrooms and schools, as well as the long-term role teachers play in the future of the Commonwealth. The Hall of Fame is housed at Western Kentucky University.

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