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65 BGISD Students Selected for All-District Band

Congratulations to the Bowling Green High School and Bowling Green Junior High Bands, directed by Anjali Sivaainkaran and Christi Shores. Sixty-five students in grades 7-12 auditioned and were selected to the Kentucky Music Educators Association 3rd District, All-District Band.


7th & 8th Grade Students:

Isabelle Stockton 1st chair flute

Leah Chen 2nd chair flute

Naomi Basham 3rd chair flute 

Anna Tooley 5th chair flute

Nuala Smith 8th chair flute

Hannah Booth 9th chair flute

Avery Duncan 10th chair flute

Sadie Rogers 12th chair flute

Kollin Hsieh 1st chair oboe

Elli Trivizadakis 1st chair clarinet

Vanessa Pineda 2nd chair clarinet

Adelae Thompson, 3rd chair clarinet

Stockton Beasley-Brown, 4th chair clarinet

Lexi Jackson, 5th chair clarinet

Darlene Guzman-Hernandez, 6th chair clarinet

Teralan Carver, 10th chair clarinet

Aniyah Smith 1st chair bass clarinet

Caroline Vaughn 2nd chair bass clarinet

Ellie Lewis 3rd chair bass clarinet

Calla Causey 3rd chair alto saxophone

UB Han 4th chair alto saxophone

Elijah Olson 5th chair alto saxophone

Josette Doyle 3rd chair tenor saxophone

Zach Jordan 1st chair trumpet

Harper Ferrell 2nd chair trumpet

Neal Calvert 3rd chair trumpet

James Saenz 5th chair trumpet

Diego Padin 9th chair trumpet

Elizabeth Reeder 2nd chair horn

Gus Hatton 7th chair horn

Katheryn Saenz 4th chair trombone

Trey Lightfoot 7th chair trombone

Noah Calvert 8th chair trombone

Leah Watson 2nd chair baritone

Alivia Covington 3rd chair baritone

Diego Herrera 4th chair baritone

Kai Williams 4th chair tuba

Marshall Wiggins 2nd chair snare

Sorcha Pattee 1st alternate flute

Delia Campbell 1st alternate trombone


9th & 10th Grade Students: 

Brennan Miller 2nd chair flute

Shaelin Carter 5th chair flute

Kathryn Harris 4th chair clarinet

Jack Sternberg 8th chair clarinet

Jack Gilpin 11th chair clarinet

Kaya Fukushima 13th chair clarinet

Graham Browder-Seguin 3rd chair bass clarinet

Eli Kries 1st chair trumpet

Simon Basham 4th chair trumpet

Jazzmin Hazard 2nd chair horn

Matthew Klein 5th chair trombone

Tara Pattee 6th chair trombone

Charlie Smith 8th chair trombone

Aaron Carver 10th chair trombone

Owen Somerville 1st chair tuba

Kalynn Campbell 1st alternate bass clarinet


11th & 12th Grade Students: 

Kaitlin Hsieh 3rd chair, flute 

Abby Esters, 10th chair, flute

Zhay Owens, 12th chair, clarinet

Faith Coffey, 1st chair, oboe

Rachel Gregory 3rd chair, bass clarinet

Yereni Bruno-Sanchez, 4th chair, bass clarinet

Christian Kantosky, 1st Alternate, alto saxophone

Cooper Correa, 1st chair, baritone saxophone

Chris Hak, 2nd chair, trumpet

Ethan Lanford, 1st Alternate, trumpet

Matthew Brown, 2nd Alternate, trumpet

Casey Schallert, 1st chair, horn

Sono Fukushima, 5th chair, horn

Sam Porter, 2nd alternate, horn

Chad Stephens, 7th chair, trombone

Alec Duncan, 5th chair, tuba


The following students have been recommended for the 2nd round of All-State Band auditions on December 12, 2021:

Kaitlin Hsieh, flute

Faith Coffey, oboe

Kathryn Harris, clarinet

Cooper Correa, baritone saxophone

Chris Hak, trumpet

Casey Schallert, horn

Jazzmin Hazard, horn

Owen Somerville, tuba

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