Elementary Curriculum Maps


First Grade

Second Grade


Third Grade

Fourth Grade

Fifth Grade




STAR – Important to test in this window to get the Student Growth Percentile

K-5th Grade

Fall Benchmark

Aug. 11 – Sept.  6   (Sept. Data Meeting)

Winter Benchmark

Dec. 1 – 19      (Jan.  Data Meeting)

Spring Benchmark

April 7 – 25 – (Optional Data Meeting)

Progress Monitor every 3 weeks – more often for Tier 3


CIITS benchmarks will not be scheduled district-wide.  Teachers will use CIITS as classroom formative assessments to check for mastery of standards.  You may develop your own assessments using the CIITS bank or adding your own questions into CIITS.  Remember, there is a quick way to use a test you already have and make an answer key only.   You will get all the reports needed to analyze student progress.

CIITS is also a good tool for monitoring the standards that your data team determines as high priority standards.   Call Rob or Debbie for assistance.