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Medication Forms


T. C. Cherry Elementary School
Policies regarding Medication

The number of students with complex health issues attending school is on the increase. The potential for unsafe administration of medication poses a possible liability for schools. An understanding of state laws and district policies and procedures is necessary to reduce the potential liability issues of medication administration in the school setting.
                Prescribed medication must be brought to school in the ORIGINAL labeled container and the label shall include:
·                     Name and address of the pharmacy
·                     Name of the patient
·                     Name of the prescribing practitioner
·                     Date the prescription was dispensed
·                     Expiration date of the medication
·                     Name of the medication, dosage and strength of medication
·                     Route of administration (oral, eye drops, inhaler, etc.)
·                     An authorization form completed by the parent/legal garden and prescribing health care physician (if prescription bottles are not clearly labeled) must be on file at school and is only valid for the current school year.
                In compliance with state regulations, T. C. Cherry Elementary School will not provide OTC medications, including but not limited to; Pain killers / fever reducers, cough drops, and antacids to students. The following criteria will be used to store and dispense OTC medications.
·                     An authorization form completed by the parent/legal guardian must be on file in the student’s health record.
·                     Medication must be provided by the parent/legal guardian in the original container which includes recommended dosage and directions for administration.
·                     An OTC medication will not be administered beyond its expiration date.
·                     OTC medications will not be given everyday. If a student reports to the health room for an OTC med, one dose will be given per day for 3 consecutive days. After the 3rd day the parent/guardian will be informed that medical attention may be needed.
                In certain situations, a written health care provider’s authorization shall allow a student to responsibly carry self-administered medication (e.g. Epi-pen or inhaler). (KRS 258.834 and KRS 158.836).
·                     An authorization form must be completed by the parent/guardian and health care provider and kept on file at school. This authorization must be renewed each school year. Documentation from the prescribing health provider shall include: A) The student is capable of administering the prescribed medication. B) The name and purpose of the medication. C) The prescribed dosage of the medication. D) The times at which or circumstances under which the medication may be given. E) The period of time for which the medication is prescribed.
·                     Students may not share any medication with another student.
·                     The parent/guardian will be notified if medication is inappropriately used.
·                     Teachers and other appropriate staff will be advised on a need to know basis.
                It is the right of the school to refuse to accept or administer medication based on these guidelines:
·                     Medication is not in the original container
·                     The first dose of all medication must be given at home under the supervision of the parent/guardian.
·                     Medication is administered twice a day and should be given at home.
·                     Medication is administered three times a day and can be given before school, after school, and at bedtime. (i.e. the label does not indicate the medication should be given with lunch, the student goes directly home after school and does not go to an after school care provider.)
·                     Only the correct dose of medicine is in the bottle. (i.e. if a student should take one pill a day during school hours then the bottle should contain enough pills to fulfill that requirement. We will not be responsible for having medication transported by a student.)
·                     The parent/legal guardian will be notified that medication needs to be picked up.
·                     If the medication is not picked up within one week of notification it will be properly disposed of by school personnel.
·                     All medication that has expired will be disposed of by school personnel.
·                     In certain circumstances we will send medication home with a student after notifying the parent/guardian that we are doing that.
·                     Under no circumstance will we send home a control substance with a student. These must be picked up by the parent/guardian.

If you have questions about our Medication policy please contact Donna Holton at donna.holton@bgreen.kyschools.us

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